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Oskar Herzel
Herzel- World of Colors / The Prime Quality

The Company was founded in Pforzheim Germany by Oskar Herzel in 1921 originally selling calibrated gemstones to manufacturers.
Today the company is still active in this particular field but started a collection of interchangeable clasps about 10 years ago by using exclusively Stones from their own sources.

The collection covers traditional round interchangeable clasps as well as fancy shaped designs of different genres.

We've lately extended the collection manufacturing interchangeable jewellery.

All pieces are done in 750 Gold mainly with Prime Quality Sapphires of our own sources.

We specialize in color graduation.

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Oskar Herzel
Herzel-World of Colors/ The Prime Quality

Interchangeable clasps and jewellery manufactured in 750 Gold with Prime Quality Sapphires. We specialize in color graduation.
The collection covers traditional interchangeable Clasps as well as fancy shaped designs of different genres.

Herzel - World of Colors /Peridot Necklace

with Spaces of 750 Gold pave set with yellow sapphirers.

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Herzel- World of Colors /Interchangeable round Clasps

750 Gold with pave-set graduation sapphires

Herzel-World of Colors /Interchangeable Clasps-Ocean Treasures

manufacturerd in 750 Gold from the Ocean Treasures Collection
with Color graduation sapphires.

Oskar Herzel
Auf dem Berg 4
75181 Pforzheim

Phone: +49 7231 979790
Internet: www.oskarherzel.de
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Herzel - World of Colors

We've extended the collection of interchangeable clasps manufacturing and designing interchangeable jewellery with Prime Quality Sapphires.

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