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Over 75 years we, Gemstone manufacturer Stephan located near Idar-Oberstein, have been supplying created und genuine gemstones to the jewelry industry. Our history is closely connected to the crafts of gemstone carving and engraving. We combine traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technologies to create customized gemstone in serial production. Source for our products are high quality materials, e.g. agates from Idar-Oberstein and other semiprecious gemstones like mother-of-pearl, lapis, malachite, tiger eye, pink opal and chalcedony, turquoise, jasper or quartz. We also specialize in machine-cut doublets or triplets, and created stones. Core of our production is our technology center. This enables us to archive the maximum in precision in carving, drilling, laser and ultrasonic carving and engraving. Hence we are the gemstone manufacturer that supplies economically attractive gemstones as mass customized products. That is what we call serial individuality.

Products and services

Traditional Agates from Idar-Oberstein: In our own agate dying facility we work on finest agates and create a variety of colored layer stones in a unique process. Our standard agate colors are Onyx, Carnelian, Green, Blue. We combine these colors with white in order to create banded agate two-layered stones.

Natural Treasures:Today‘s markets demand exclusive colored gemstones for a reasonable price. As a result, we offer our customers a multitude of precious and semi-precious stones. Besides MOP, lapis, malachite, tiger-eye, pink opal & chalcedony, chrysoprase, turquoise, jasper, amethyst, and citrine, we have more than 200 genuine materials in stock.

Variety in cuts and colors:Our assortment of synthetic gemstones contains more than 40 different colored created stones and imitations and more than 20 new colors of doublets and triplets.

High-quality Gemstone Engraving: Supersonic and CNC-engraving form three dimensional pictures. The configuration of the tools matches with the thickness of the layers of stones.

Hand Engravings

We are always encouraging our artists to work on ideas for hand-made or “hand-finished” engravings. We combine the skill of the artists with modern technology to offer one-of-a-kind products, all of them exclusive but still affordable.

Machine Engraved Cameos

Gemstone engraving has fascinated people for thousands of years. Ever since, people have admired the detail and dimension of engraved stones. The most popular engravings are agate cameos. Due to the different layers and colors of the agate raw material, the engraver can achieve an exceptional amount of detail.

Finished Silver Jewellery with Agate Cameos

The most popular engravings are agate cameos, which we also offer as finished jewelry in Silver. We offer pendants, neckless, bracelets and earrings.

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