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Key-Visual HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show 2019

HKTDC 2019 年香港国际珠宝展

2019 年 2 月 28 日 – 3 月 4日,香港,中华人民共和国

欢迎前来访问 HKTDC 2019 年香港国际珠宝展上的德国展团


Ralf Mezger Collection
Sleeve system with Bajonett
展位號: 3D-C19

Ralf Mezger Collection
Masterpieces in silver
展位號: 3D-C19

Oskar Herzel
Herzel- World of Colors /Interchangeable round Clasps
展位號: 3D-C17B

STAIB Germany – Hermann Staib GmbH
Milanaise mesh watch bracelets
展位號: 3D-C02

Herbert Stephan KG
Machine Engraved Cameos
展位號: 11-F14


优雅的黑色,美丽而珍贵--这些形容词都恰好可以用来描述碳金之吻婚戒的特征。 Fischer在5年前将碳纤维引入婚戒领域。碳材料在性能和设计潜力方面非常适合制作结婚戒指。由于生产过程中碳纤维的手工缠绕过程,每一只戒指都会产生非常细微的差别,这也赋予了每只戒指的独特性格。 所有的Fischer结婚戒指都有共同之处:卓越的品质、100%德国制造,并在可持续制造的条件下精心打造细节和极高的精确度。 | 閱讀更多的內容

Schofer Germany - ISO 9001:15 SUCCESSFULLY CERTIFIED
Schofer Germany - ISO 9001:2015 SUCCESSFULLY RE-CERTIFIED Quality made in Germany. At the Pforzheim location over 100 employees manufacture the innovative Schofer products. A synergy of fully automated production and traditional craftsmanship. The certification according to DIN ISO 9001:2015 en... | 閱讀更多的內容

Schofer Germany - Original Equipment Manufacturer
Schofer Germany - Original Equipment Manufacturer Even individual customer requirements (OEM) can be realised with professionals and a state-of-the-art machine park - we will gladly advise you. When working on new products the most modern methods are used. In addition to CAD systems and the tr... | 閱讀更多的內容